Lalita lives with her mother in a small village about 20 miles away from Chinchpada Christian Hospital. She has been unable to stand upright or walk since the age of 14 due to degeneration from muscular dystrophy (MD). Unaware that MD is congenital, Lalita carried guilt her whole life, thinking that a careless fall she experienced in 3rd grade caused her symptoms.

Chinchpada’s community staff connected with Lalita and determined to help her. First, they explained that she was born with her condition and should feel no blame. Hearing this information, Lalita felt she had gained a new lease on life. The team then started the process of filling out paperwork to get her a disability certificate from the government. By God’s grace, she received the certificate in March of 2021, in the midst of the COVID-19 craziness.

This certificate means that Lalita will receive a monthly pension from the government. This source of income is indispensable for Lalita and her mother and will do much to help them make ends meet. Thankful from the bottom of her heart, Lalita is hoping for a better life now.