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EHA, a not for profit association of hospitals, committed towards the health care and upliftment of the poor, has been doing relentless service for the last 47 years in Northern and Eastern rural India. With a network of 20 hospitals located in the most challenging parts of our country, EHA with its strong team of 200 + experienced doctors and more than 2500 para-medical staff addresses about 8 lakh poor in the areas of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, General and Family medicine, Pediatrics, General and Pediatric surgery, Orthopaedics, Urology, Dentistry and diagnostic services including – clinical laboratories, radiology, Ultrasonography and gastroscopy. More!

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EHA’s comprehensive health services is spread across 8 states in North and North East India. Most of our 20 hospitals serve in the most challenging locations of our hinterland. A team of 200 qualified and dedicated doctors with 2500 paramedical staff serve in areas where medical facilities are ailing and access to good health care is limited.

In a year EHA treats about 8,50000 through OPD services, 99000 as Inpatient care, more than 30000 received surgical interventions, 26000 women were given hospital based maternity services ( safe deliveries ) and 99000 were treated for eye care.

The hospitals need support for infrastructure like wards, beds, Durable Medical Equipment, operation theatres, OPD facilities, ICU, staff housing and training.


Patient care and diagnostics is fast changing with technology. At the same time patient awareness is improving vastly thus raising their expectations for advanced treatment centres. EHA hospitals need to be equipped with modern technology for efficient, fast and cost effective treatment. 

Support us for diagnostic equipment such as imaging machines, ultrasound, PET and CT scan, X ray machines, Lasik surgery, infusion pumps etc. Donate for Life support equipment like ventilators, anaesthetic m/c, heart-lung m/c and also for medical monitors, lab equipment and therapeutic equipment.


Some of our hospital locations are in difficult terrain with weak transportation facilities for patients to come on their own in times of emergency. Since the patient profile is mainly from an economically weaker section, they do not have means to reach the hospital. Ambulances are most needed in such a situation.

Ambulances are also used for outreach health care programmes and clinics held in villages.

One of the most comforting sight for a villager is to see an ambulance at his doorstep assisting a patient transfer to the hospital.

Shalom Delhi

Shalom was established in 2001 to provide care for people living with HIV/AIDS in Delhi. It is the only Home Care centre specifically for in patient HIV AIDS care. Shalom’s health centre includes outpatient clinic, a 10 bed in patient ward and a laboratory for investigations. Shalom is a team of dedicated doctors, nurses, palliative care specialists, lab technicians and support staff. In 2011, its services were expanded to include people with other life limiting diseases. Our patients are from the economically weaker section of our society who need medical care as well as physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs.

We need support for medicines, ward equipment, outreach programmes and family rehabilitation and vocational schemes.
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Disclaimer: Kindly note that the products mentioned are to illustrate activities of Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA). EHA, depending on the need and the plans, will allocate resources to areas that need funds the most.

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