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Hospital of the week: Chinchpada Christian Hospital

Dr. Deepak S. Singh, MS/SAO
MBBS, MS - General Surgery CMC Ludhiana, MCH - Paediatrics Surgery CMC Vellore

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Chinchpada Christian Hospital is situated in Navapur taluk of Nandurbar District of Maharashtra. Navpur the nearest town is 15km away. The major cities of Surat lie 125 km to the west and Dhulia lies 110km to the east of Chinchpada. Being on the main highway between Surat and Agra Chinchpada has seen a lot of infectious diseases including HIV.

The belt is a tribal area mainly consisting of the Bhil tribe which are divided into the Gamit, Vasava and the kokani clans. The main languages spoken are Gamit and Vasava.

Situated in the Western Khandesh region of Maharashtra this area is still very backward in terms of development, education, healthcare, and farming practices.

The population of Nandurbar district is about 1372821 people according to the 2011 census having 996 females to 1000 males. 66% of the population is tribal with the rest of the Marathi community and business community from the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

People in this area are dependent on agriculture and seasonal rains for their livelihood. There is a mass migration to the cities during the dry months.

Chinchpada Hospital is situated in Chinchpada Village with a population of about 7008 people. The people are mainly farmers. There is a weekly market on Tuesdays and Fridays with most supplies available.

The Hospital at present functions with a Paediatric surgeon and a physician who are the senior consultants along with 3 junior medical officers who are post MBBS. There are 15 qualified nurses along with an X-ray technician and a Lab technician who work round the clock.

The Outpatients average about 40 per day. The hospital has a lab to perform basic hematology, biochemistry and microbiology investigations.

There is a well-stocked pharmacy which has all the licensing. This is manned by 2 full-time pharmacists.

The X-ray department has a 200MA GE X-ray machine which is available 24 hours a day. A digital unit converts the images for digital imaging which can be viewed on a computer or on remote locations.

There is a fully functional 4 bed  ICU which is manned by nurses and doctors on call. This has monitors and 2 ventilators.

There is a fully functional Operating theater with an anesthesia machine, motorized operating table.

An endoscope has been recently added for diagnostic purposes.

The ward has 48 beds which have occupancy of about 50%

The hospital is a charity hospital and caters to all people without distinction of economic or religious status.

The hospital had closed for a year due to lack of personnel but is functional again since October 2014.

All patients are offered treatment without an advance being paid. The hospital charges are kept low so that the poorest person can avail a consultation from the most qualified doctor at the rate of Rs 10 and 20.

The investigation are charged at 1/3rd or 1/4th the market rates.

All kinds of procedures are performed including pediatric surgical and others in the operating room which has.

Thrombolysis for myocardial infarction, ventilation for respiratory distress and when required is performed.

The charges for the ICU are kept @ Rs 20/hour so that all people can afford it.

Most patients do not pay any advance to get admitted. This makes it easy for treatment as there is no stress on them.

Once well and discharged they pay whatever they can. 2 beds are free beds and 5 have a 50% charge.

Our bed charges are Rs 50/day for the general ward. We charge Rs 250 for a small private room and rs 500 for a large private room.

Overall we have seen a good response from the local community to the care at the hospital.

We hope that we can add more services so that many more people can benefit from low-cost care that a mission hospital has to offer.

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