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Jiwan Jyoti Christian Hospital

Jiwan Jyoti Christian Hospital was started in early 1930s as a small medical centre by missionary nurses of Crosslinks. It is situated in Sonbhadra district in Uttar Pradesh. The 100 beds hospital extends medical services to a large part of the local population in Robertsganj, UP as well as neighboring states. Medical services include Eye, Medicine, Ortho, Dental & support services. The CH program promotes & creates awareness of the RSBY Scheme in the communities.

REPORT OF 2015-16:

Jiwan Jyoti Christian Hospital in Robertsganj experienced a turbulent year due to many of the consultants going on long leave leading to closure of departments. The junior doctors courageously managed the situation. The management team was able to put in systems to cut down the expenses and managed the hospital well. The coming in of consultants towards the end of the financial year also helped in bringing in some stability in the unit. The hospital was re-empanelled in the RSBY. Thirteen Free medical clinics were conducted at Nagwa, Chatra, Robertsganj & Ghorawal blocks by the doctors and CH team. 1733 people were screened, treated and several patients identified for follow up treatment.


Hospital Contact Details

Mrs. Ava Topno, Managing Director
Robertsganj, Sonbhadra District,
Uttar Pradesh - 231 216
Phone: 0544-4224497 (office )
LandLine: 05444-223635 ( 24X7 )

Mobile: 7052812376 ( 24x7 )




Visitor Information

How to get there:
Travel by train from Delhi to Mirzapur, Varanasi or Mugalsarai.

Tourist Spots:
Sonbhadra is well known for its various dams & waterfalls, most of which are situated around Robertsganj. Varanasi & Allahabad are temple towns.

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