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Makunda Christian Hospital

Makunda hospital is located in a tribal populated area at the junction of three northeast states - Assam, Mizoram and Tripura. The origin of the Makunda Christian Leprosy & General Hospital can be traced back to 1935 when it was started as a leprosy colony in 1000 acres of land by Baptist Mid-Missions USA. General Medical Work started in the late 1950s after Dr. Gene Burrows joined. EHA took it over in 1992. The 132 beds hospital maintained its poor friendly focus, with the emphasis on minimal investigation, minimal treatment and low charges for patients. Apart from the high quality medical care provided to the people in the neighboring communities, the hospital also offers training programs for health nprofessionals and a school for the children from the communities around. Farming, outreach (branch hospital), spiritual & mission nurture are other focus areas.


REPORT 2015 - 16

Makunda Christian Hospital is one of the unique and vibrant units of EHA with a clear focus on reaching out to the poor by providing affordable quality services. The hospital saw high volume of patients coming from three different states. Assam and Tripura Governments recognized the hospital under RSBY. The hospital is part of several Government schemes and is the main service provider in Karimganj area. A community college was started to train hospital assistants as alternative care givers. The hospital contributed to building skills of Government workers. Through the services of the hospital, a decrease in MMR and IMR in the district was recorded. A MoU with the National Rural Health Mission for comprehensive maternal and child care services in the state was renewed in March 2015. The ANM Nursing School continued to have good results and completed 10 years since its restarting during the year. The Makunda English School saw the 5th batch of Class X and first batch of Class XII (Arts) pass out with 100% results. 45 tons of rice was harvested during the year. A department of Biodiversity Documentation and Wildlife Conservation was started and published few papers. 


Hospital Contact Details

Dr. Vijay Anand Ismavel, SAO / MS
Bazaricherra, Karimganj District,
Assam - 788 727
Phone: 03843-287868



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How to get there:
Travel by train or Fly from Delhi to Calcutta, then fly to Silchar then 3 hours by jeep
Travel to Guwahati by train or Flight then from Guwahati to Lowairpoa by overnight bus (Night super bus run by Network, Capital which goes to Agartala or Dharmanagar) then from Lowairpoa to the Hospital by auto.

Tourist spots:
Shillong (Meghalaya) and Guwahati.

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