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Golden Jubilee celebration Prem Sewa Hospital, Utraula

The much awaited Golden Jubilee celebration of Prem Sewa Hospital took place on 5th November 2016.

It was a weeklong celebration starting on the 2nd November were the celebration mainly focused on the public people, government officials, Suppliers and other business people closely related to the hospital. The main function which we celebrated on the 5th November 2016 was mainly included for the Hospital staff, families and people closely related to the hospital. There were around 300+ people who attended the historic event. Visitors and friends from abroad also joined in celebrating the faithful work of God’s doing in Utraula over the years.

It was a time of fun, entertainment, food, colorful decorations and lots of prayer and hard work. It was a great time of reunion of old missionaries, friends, well-wishers and staff who worked here in the earlier days. The staff was divided into groups and teams were formed and responsibilities given for Food, Decoration, Logistics, Accommodation, Welcoming guests, Gifts and souvenirs and cultural programs.

The hard work of each staff is commendable. The logistics for travel, stay and food was done with full coordination of the staff. The cultural activities and the programs were well practiced and many rehearsals were done before the final presentation.

4 Missionaries Dr Aletta Bell, Sis Eileen Coates, Dr Marie Winkler, Sis Dilys Morgan shared their memories and experiences from the past. Mr Lydon George grandson of Mr Jantz (1st Administrator) also shared his heart felt greetings from his Granddad. There were friends from 7 EHA units and Dr Ashok Chacko, Mr and Mrs Victor Emmanuel, Dr Saira Paulose who represented EHA Central Office felicitating the occasion.

We were also able get help from the central office in arranging the travel logistics for our foreign guests and also Mr Suanlian for capturing the whole event through photographs.

We also had a wonderful time of praise and worship on the 6th Nov along with the Christian organizations in Balrampur district. There were around 250+ people attending the Sunday worship with believers from around the Utraula.

We had a few inaugural functions soon after the Sunday worship, inaugurating the New Eye OT and Ward complex, Eye Optical shop and Bethel Children’s Home. Throughout the Jubilee celebration we could really experience the presence of God and unity among the staff to make the event a memorable one.

A special THANKS for all the prayer support rendered by the EHA Family

~ Dr. George Varghese, SAO


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