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EHA Palliative Care Service Annual Get Together 2018 - Report

The Annual Get Together of the EHA Palliative Care Service was held from 13 - 15 November 2018 at Himalayan Torch Bearers, Dehra Dun. 38 participants from 12 EHA Units, Shalom and Palliative Care Central team attended the Get Together. The purpose of the Get together was to have a time of sharing, reporting, cross learning, encouragement and fellowship.

Each unit did a presentation on their work, how it had grown over the year, new initiatives that they had started, their learning as a team, the challenges they faced and plans for the coming year. Feedback on their work was given to them by the other participants.

Savita did a presentation on behalf of Central Palliative Care on the overall achievements, new initiatives in PC across EHA and plans for the future. We were also able to brainstorm together as a team on areas that we needed to focus on.

Other activities during the Get together:

  • Learning from God’s word and prayer of commitment
  • Session on Reflective Practice and how that could be used to develop a culture of learning
  • Testimonies
  • Personal sharing through photographs of trees
  • Activity done for mutual encouragement
  • Bonfire time

The time together was appreciated by the participants who felt refreshed and encouraged. As they returned back to their units, they had a stronger sense of being united and part of a larger group across EHA that cares deeply for those who suffer.

Setting Goals together

Presentation by HBM Lalitpur Palliative Care team

Group activity - Depicting Palliative Care through shapes

Bonfire night