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EHA School Safe program - Preparing Task Force in East Delhi for Emergency Response - May 2019


 Picture 1 Immobilising using splints




  Picture 2 certified Taskforce


  Picture 3 Treating Choking Infant


  Picture 4 Bandaging


  Picture 5 Treating Choking Adult


  Picture 6 Multi-Rescuers Infant CPR


  Picture 7 How to help a conscious victim unable to use their leg fully?


   Picture 8  Firemen Lift: rescuing an unconscious victim


  Picture 9  Improvised Stretcher


   Picture 10  Pick a back method: rescuing a conscious or unconscious victim


  Picture 11 Fire Fighting



   Picture 12 Learning how to use rescue rope


   Picture 13 Four Hand Seat rescue


   Picture 14 Rescuing victim in the Wheelchair



Picture 15 Rescuing a victim with an abdominal injury 


Picture 16 Adult CPR 


 Picture 17 Lifesaving skill