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Post Graduate Diploma in Christian Bioethics

TCB in partnership with CMC Vellore is launching a Post Graduate Diploma in Christian Bioethics. Apply here


With the development of modern medicine and over-technological advancements, unprecedented ethical challenges have been emerging. While there seem to be better treatment options with the latest technologies, over the years, unethical medical practices have been on the increase, contributing to the commercialization of clinical practice, limited access to ailing marginalized, and bringing disrepute to the medical profession. Medical practice has almost become a technocracy, distancing from the foundational values and principles. In this context, we see a great need to offer this country a Post Graduate Diploma in Christian Bioethics, upholding the dignity of all human beings and the sacredness of human life


This course is designed for healthcare professionals, lawyers, theologians, management professionals, and others with a keen interest iChristian Bioethics meeting the minimum qualification requirements.

Minimum qualifications required-

  • B.Sc./Diploma AHS
  • MBBS / B.Sc. Nursing
  • LLB/ B.Th / B.Divd.PGDHA / FHA / MHA / BBA or MBA(Healthcare Administration)