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The Chief Minister of Uttrakhand State appreciated Emmanuel Hospital Association's disaster emergency efforts in 2013

"On 16 June 2013, the State suffered a mega disaster, one of the worst disasters in the living memory, causing widespread damage and destruction, besides heavy casualties. The entire State was hit by very heavy rainfall and flash floods. The disaster coincided with the peak tourist and pilgrimage season, significantly enhancing the number of the casualties and adversely affecting the rescue and relief operations. People in important locations, such as the Harsil, Roopkund and Hemkund Sahib, were stranded for days together. Over one lakh people were stuck in various regions of the State due to damaged roads, landslides and flash flood-induced debris. As per the report made available by the State Government on 09 May 2014, a total of 169 people died and 4021 people were reported missing (presumed to be dead). Ref. India Disaster Report 2013 published by NIDM, MHA, Govt of India, in 2014.

Emmanuel Hospital Association's (EHA) Rapid Assessment Team (RAT) from Landour Community Hospital (LCH) reached Joanpur Block, Tehri District within 24 hours. The RAT then worked out a quick emergency response plan along with the Disaster Management & Mitigation Unit (DMMU) team arriving LCH. Herbertpur Christian Hospital, another Unit of EHA in Uttarakhand State, then developed a medical team for reaching out the injured victims stuck in the mountain for medical emergency response.

The Chief Minister of Uttrakhand State, Mr. Vijay Bahuguna, appreciated Emmanuel Hospital Association's disaster emergency efforts reaching out relief materials to the most affected victims of the worst floods in the State, on 13th December 2013. The award was collected by the local Units of EHA."