Emmanuel Hospital Association: Volunteers & Medical Electives Process

The volunteer and medical electives placement process is as described under.

Kindly treat this as important :-

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India through their local Foreigner Registration offices visit our hospital campuses / project offices to enquire about foreigner’s presence and their purpose of visit.

In view of this we need to be complete with appropriate documents and visas related to the volunteer, an elective or just a visitor.

We also need to have a sound justification to our invitations/placements of volunteers and electives.


A. The Process :

  1. A volunteer/medical elective application form duly filled - first document to be received at EHA Central Office (forms available on the EHA website). Forms to be sent to isaac.singh@eha-health.org for volunteers and anita.biswa@eha-health.org for medical electives.
  2. Based on the scrutiny of the form and the credentials, we check with the respective hospital management if the volunteer or the elective can be placed with them.
  3. Once the hospital gives us their consent we inform the volunteer/elective and send the invitation letter on behalf of EHA. We also send an orientation document and a cost calculator for their India visit.

For volunteers we also prepare and sign a contract wherever it is needed.


B. For Medical Volunteers (Doctors):

1. If the volunteer is a doctor, it is mandatory that a ‘temporary registration’ be done with the Medical Council of India ( MCI ) to practice medicine in India.

  • This application for temporary registration needs to be filed/submitted 60 days in advance at the Medical Council of India, New Delhi, from the scheduled date of the visit.
  • Go to http://www.mciindia.org/CMS/InformationDesk/download-application-forms. The form No MCI 07 (A) is to be downloaded and filled and sent as a signed and scanned copy to EHA office.
  • The visiting doctor also has to submit the MCI form online,
  • We will deposit Rs.5,900/- Demand Draft (banker’s cheque ) along with the MCI form, invitation letter, the doctor's license, his passport copies, certificates etc. on behalf of the volunteer doctor at the MCI.
  • Therefore all documents (scanned and self-attested) are to be sent to EHA office for onward submission once the online application has been filed. There is a process and follow up for the registration which we do on behalf of the ‘volunteer’ doctor.

2. MCI registration is not guaranteed hence the visiting doctor cannot be sure of getting permission to practice medicine in India. Therefore, it is advisable to start this process with EHA, 90 days in advance to be sure of the status at the time of the visit.

  • If the MCI registration is given and an E visa (see clause B3) is also obtained then the doctor can also practice medicine in our hospitals. Here we would still advise that he or she should not sign on any official document while volunteering at the hospital regarding a patient or procedure.
  • If an MCI registration is refused but the volunteer has managed an E visa (see point B3 on Visa) then he or she can only come as an ‘observer’ to an EHA hospital.

3. ' E ' Visa for a voluntary worker: This category  is to be used for all doctor volunteers, and volunteers from other professions, regardless of length of service. 

  • This visa which we are advising i.e. an 'E' visa for a voluntary worker to an NGO ( In our case it is either Emmanuel Hospital Association or the name of the hospital the person is volunteering at ), is a subcategory of an Employment visa. This is a special category of visa for voluntary workers who wish to come and work without any remuneration or salary.
  • When this particular category of visa is issued, there is an endorsement of the NGO's name ( EHA or the visiting hospital’s name ) on the visa page in the passport. This means that the volunteer is to work only with the NGO mentioned and the NGO is responsible for the conduct and working of the volunteer during their stay in India. For information, the link to the official website of Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India is :- https://mha.gov.in/MHA1/TourVisa.html click on the details of Visa granted by India. A pdf document will open and the Voluntary Visa details are on page 9 para 32. These links are to/from the official website of Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. If an E visa (for a voluntary worker) is refused, then we may have to say no to a volunteer.

C.  For Other Volunteers (non-Doctors)

  1. ' E ' Visa for a voluntary worker’ is the appropriate visa category. See notes in Section B (3) directly above.
  2. For volunteers (all categories) who are coming for shorter visits (less than 15 days) only as observers, a tourist visa category may be considered, provided the EHA hospital management has given its consent.


D. Medical Electives :

  1. Length of placement: The normal tenure of a medical elective visiting us is of 4 to 6 weeks although a longer period can be considered depending on the preference of the hospital of placement.
  2. The ME application form explains all the prerequisite documents such as references, credentials and certificates to be enclosed with the form. This is mandatory as we may not be able to invite medical electives in the absence of the prerequisites.
  3. Medical electives Visa:
  • For those doing medical electives in India, the visa category is the ‘Intern Visa‘. The link is https://mha.gov.in/MHA1/TourVisa.html click on the Details of Visa granted by India. A pdf document will open and the Intern Visa details are on page 24 para 67. These links are to/from the official website of Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. It takes 8 to 10 weeks for the Intern Visa Process to complete. So please plan in advance.

E. Clearance Form – This form is filled during the orientation at Central Office of EHA.

We try to fully abide by the above processes in the interest of the organisation and also the visitor.


For EHA office only :

We ensure that the following documents are kept as records (hard copies) with us:

  1. Copy of the Volunteer application form - signed by the volunteer.
  2. Copies of the invitation letter and the contract - also signed by the volunteer.
  3. Copies of the passport
  4. Copies of the visa page in the passport.
  5. Copies of the license and registration of the medical degree.
  6. A passport size photograph.
  7. Copy of the clearance form (enclosed)
  8. Proof of medical/travel insurance in India.
  9. Letters of reference and request from the College or University the medical elective is attending.
  10. Church membership letters
  11. Registration certificate at the FRRO

Trust the above is clear,  please write to me in case of any further clarification.

Isaac Singh

Annual Report 2018