Case Studies

Duncan Flood Relief Work - Case Study 4

Beneficiary: Meena Devi’s Family
Block: Raxaul
Panchayat/Village: Nepali Station

Meena Devi who is 38 year old lives with her husband and four children in a small hut in the Nepali Station slum area. Her youngest child is just 3 months old and the others are lesser than 10 years. Her husband is a daily wage labourer and even before the flood, Meena was finding it difficult to feed all her children as her husband did not get sufficient work throughout the month.

During the flood on 13th August2017, Meena’s little hut was also submerged in water and she lost all her belongings. The family managed to save themselves by moving to higher ground but they had nothing to eat and the children had nothing to wear as everything got either damaged or got carried away by the flood.

When the Chetna project staff visited Nepali Station area to do needs assessment, Meena Devi approached them on her own and explained her family’s situation. The team visited her house and found the little children in a pathetic condition without clothes and looking starved. The team then arranged for Meena Devi to get the rations that were distributed from Duncan Hospital on 14th August 2017. She came carrying her 3 month old girl in her arms and got the rations.