Case Studies

Duncan Flood Relief Work - Case Study 6

On the night of 13th August 2017, Rameshwar Paswan and his family members were sleeping in their house when at around 9 pm, they heard the village people running around and shouting in panic. They came out and saw water at the edge of their door. Rameshwar’s family too panicked and ran out to a higher place near the roadside. But they managed to take just very few things with them as they ran away from the house. They had to leave most of their belongings and household items as the water level was raising rapidly and entered the house. Around 6 am, their house collapsed due to the force of the water. They lived on the roadside for 3 days and good hearted neighbours provided them food as they had no means to cook.  It was in this condition that the Ashish project staff found the family and made arrangement for them to receive the rations. Having lost the house and most of their belongings, the relief materials worth a month’s ration was a great help to Rameshwar’s family in time of dire need.