Kanti Care Centre

The Kanti Care Centre (KCC) was started at GM Priya Hospital, Dapegaon in January 2014 to reach out to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) in the community and provide home based care as well as hospital based care. It was named after Kanti Carunia, fondly known as Kanti Ben, the Hospital Administrator who died in 2010.

The primary aim of KCC is to

  • Identify People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA)
  • Refer them to ART Centre at Civil Hospital Latur
  • Provide home-based care through home visits
  • Ensure compliance to their treatment
  • Provide palliative care to those in need

 Activities for 2014-15 included

  • Home based care provided to 66 PLHA of which 28 were new cases
  • Out of 200 new registrations, 111 were referred to ART Centre
  • KCC also maintained 8 beds where 560 in-patients were treated.
  • 60 awareness campaigns conducted for general population, school children and family members.


~ Dr Jaishri Chougley, GM Priya Hospital, Dapegaon, Latur dist, Maharasthra