Shalom Delhi Project

SHALOM Delhi is an HIV/AIDS project, providing care and support to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs) in and around Delhi. It started in 2001 as Delhi AIDS Project (DAP). The phase I of the Project (2000-04) included the establishment of home-based care, critical care services, capability building of NGOs in HIV/AIDS care, and counseling and medical support to widows and children infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS. The project completed Phase II (04-07) which sought to strengthen and expand the continuum of services. The home based care work included income generation activities for women widowed by AIDS. Adolescent awareness programs were initiated to prevent adolescent children of HBC families from becoming infected. In Phase III (08-10), the project will continue these services to PLWAs in Delhi, but will also increase the capacity building of other organization in Delhi and other parts of North India.

Major Highlights: 2014-2015

During the year April 2014 – March 2015, Shalom Delhi continued to provide comprehensive care for PLHAs (People Living with HIV/AIDS) and their families. Through its patient-centred services, Shalom seeks to address the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs of its clients and their families. It has a multi-disciplinary team of staff members, providing a continuum of services through care at the hospital through the Critical Care Program, and at home through the Home Based Care Program. Other components are the Adolescent Program, Transgender Program Volunteer Mobilization Program and Capacity Building Program.

Activities and achievements during the year:

Critical Care Program – Patients were provided medical care in the Out-patient and In- patient ward. There were 270 inpatient admissions, and 856 outpatient visits of people infected or affected with HIV. A significant number of admissions were referrals by Government ART centres or other NGOs.1384 laboratory tests were done at Shalom's lab during the year.

Home Based Care Program and Transgender Program – A total of 786 home visits were made to families under the home based care program, and 262 visits to transgenders. 28 new families and 17 new transgenders were enrolled into the program. 18 families were stabilized. 20 children from HBC families were provided with educational support, and food hampers were provided to those families and TGS were compromised food security.

Adolescent Program: 11 younger adolescents completed the Character Development Program and   8 completed the Life Skills Program. There were 4 cell groups to provide group counselling, and a peer educator program in which 2 adolescents were trained.

Volunteer Mobilization Program: 7 churches and 2 Faith Based Organizations were actively involved in providing care for PLWHA families and transgenders.

Capacity Building Program: 5 students / interns / volunteers were mentored by the Shalom team in different aspects of care of PLHAs. 5 workshops were conducted by Shalom during the year on topics like setting up a home based care program, starting an adolescent program, management of STIs and HIV/AIDS counselling.


~ Dr. Savita Duomai, Project Director